Atlantis Awakening

by Jillian Aversa

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EpicS This is not your average New Age album. It's better than anything I've heard in the genre. Favorite track: Will o' the Wisp (with Christopher Tin).
Daniel Lair
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Daniel Lair I picked this album up for the Forest Temple remix (Generations), but then as I listened to the rest of it... I realized I had gotten oh so much more. Favorite track: Generations.
Michael Matatics
Michael Matatics thumbnail
Michael Matatics This is just such a rich, pure, beautiful album, filled with relaxing yet mentally stimulating songs. The tone ranges from melancholic to phlegmatic to sanguine, with bold, majestic tracks like "Alethia" and "Will o' the Wisp" to chill, euphoric tracks like "You and I" and "Eos". Jillian's vocals are undeniably gorgeous and suit the music so well. Throughout the album there is an air of mystery and discovery; it is a very satisfying experience to listen to it start-to-finish. An absolute must-have for any New Age entusiast, and many Classical fans will treasure it, too. Favorite track: Diving Bell.
Darin Amory
Darin Amory thumbnail
Darin Amory I love all of the songs, but Aletheia is definitely my favorite. Jillian's beautiful, clear soprano that just soars over everything, and the beauty of the Philadelphia Boys Choir. Top notch album, I hope Jillian makes many more in the future. Favorite track: Aletheia.
Michael Marhal
Michael Marhal thumbnail
Michael Marhal I already love Origins so the hype for this album is huge for me.
Jillian Aversa has the most incredible voice! Favorite track: Will o' the Wisp (with Christopher Tin).
Jimmy Hinson
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Jimmy Hinson Jilly Bean has a Goldin voice! ;)

(no that's not a typo) Buy this album! Favorite track: Generations.
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Awakening to visions of a civilization long buried beneath the sea, a woman begins to wonder if they are mere dreams or memories from a past life. Aletheia: in search of truth, her timeless journey begins...

I have always found myself drawn to the imagery of tsunami. Since I was a child, these giant waves have permeated my dreams - so frequently, in fact, that I began to realize they must hold some sort of significance to me, however subconscious. It is this curiosity that led to the inception of Atlantis Awakening, my third solo album.

Unlike my previous original works, this is a true concept album with both a literal story (a woman experiencing visions of the lost world) and a metaphorical meaning (her search for truth in a sea of doubt). My hope is that the music will inspire you to discover your own truths as well.


released March 31, 2014

Jillian Aversa - Composition, Lyrics, Vocals (All Tracks)
Andrew Aversa - Composition, Production (All Tracks)
Christopher Tin - Composition (Track 7)
Malukah - Vocals (Track 6)
Tina Guo - Cello (Tracks 3, 7, 10)
Jeff Ball - Violin & Viola (Tracks 7, 10)
Philadelphia Boys Choir -Choir (Tracks 1, 9)
Sandro Friedrich - Duduk (Tracks 1, 9)
Doug Perry - Percussion (Tracks 5, 6)
Joe Zieja - Guitar (Track 6)



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Jillian Aversa Columbia, Maryland

Jillian Aversa is an award-winning vocalist, songwriter, and performer whose shimmering voice has appeared in a medley of projects - from video games and hit dance singles to her original albums. Her ethereal vocals can be heard in game franchises HALO, GOD OF WAR, CIVILIZATION, and SOULCALIBUR V - and touring as a soloist with VIDEO GAMES LIVE, she is an international sensation in her own right. ... more

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